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Creative graphic - UI - Web Designer



Meet the monster

My name is Giuseppe, the person behind Design Monster. I am a graphic/web designer, living and working in Almere. It's my passion to bring creative ideas to life and to help individuals and companies communicate their unique message. I am able to serve you both digital and print communications.

My design philosophy is to create with purpose, nothing more, nothing less.


Digital creativity unleashed

Everyone has some unique qualities and talents that makes them special. Every person is unique and that’s the same for your company or organisation. You have that one special feature that sets you apart from the rest.

It’s my job to express this in a style that matches your profile and inspires your target audience. With the help of colours, shapes and typography, I like to design the visual identity that makes you stand out from the rest and recognisable to your target audience.

The beginning of a new era, the web has changed a lot, but there are those moments where we still can’t live without a nice tangible product.

With products like: Business cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Posters, Flyers, paper is still indispensable for your organization or company. In addition to making appealing designs, I also like to give you good advice before making a decision, from paper type to content.

Like your corporate identity a website is a great opportunity to the show the unique characterisation of your company.I will do my utmost to ensure a good progress in the creation of your website/webshop/blog and try to make it come to life. This Is done with a open source management system called Joomla and with Joomla I can fully customise your entire website to your wishes. All website are fully responsive ( Adaptation to any screen or device )


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